“If you can’t communicate and talk to other people and get across your ideas, you’re giving up your potential.”- Warren Buffet


Brush up Your Public Speaking/Elevator Speech

Karen Hope, Marketing Consultant and Speaker’s Club-South Leader offers a $199 “Perfect my Speech” package that helps people perfect their one to five-minute marketing talk.   Karen Hope will work with you one-on-one to improve your speech text so that it delivers a clear message and call to action.  She will also critique your presentation and then personally tape your perfected presentation on your cell phone using Facebook live (optional).  This service is conducted at the ATB Entrepreneur Centre, using their setting to provide a professional taping environment.  Includes up to 2 hours of consulting and taping time.

Produce a Video and Market It on Social Media

Video marketing is a key marketing strategy.  We can help you produce a video promoting your business, products and services.  Our services include preparing you for the camera, writing your script, video-taping and finally instruction on how to promote your video on social media. 

Please email for more information and pricing.

Hire a Marketing Expert to Speak at your Group Meeting or Event

If you are in charge of finding a speaker to talk about marketing, Karen Hope is a Marketing Expert with years of business/marketing experience and lots of real life success stories that can educate and inspire any entrepreneur or person responsible for marketing.


Why Marketing Plans Expediate Business Success

Discuss how the process of writing a marketing plan can expediate business success. 1- hour+

How to Write an Effective Small Business Marketing Plan 

Review the steps to write an effective, strategic small business marketing plan. A marketing plan outline (handout) can be distributed to participants and made available as a working online template. 2 hours or 1-2-day workshop

How Savvy Marketers Grow their Business

Reveals the 5 MUST-DO marketing strategies that Karen feels are mandatory to grow a small business on and off line.1 hour+

No Risk, No Rewards

Karen will talk about her own personal risks and the rewards that resulted from her business decisions while also educating about importance of taking “calculated risks” that depend on your core strength.

Cut and Paste your Dreams into Reality

Karen believes that success comes from one’s ability to “visualize goals, objectives and personal dreams.”  She has also developed this special visualization workshop for people who want to craft their future.

A fun, motivating workshop that reveals how visualization can accomplish personal and business goals. Karen will present her own vision boards and discuss how they have come into fruition for her personally. The workshop includes a discussion, brief meditation and hands on workshop. Participants are required to bring 3 magazines each to contribute to a group collection. Supplies will be provided to create a visualization board featuring personally selected images that represent personal goals. 2-3 hours – available for all ages.

Customized talks are available upon request.