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We work with solopreneurs and small business owners looking to increase their marketing ROI!

Effective marketing requires a strategic, step by step approach. You must understand your business environment and customer profile before you can develop a marketing approach that will generate results. The Marketing Edge brings strategic thinking and actionable ideas to the table. Our goal is to make your marketing powerful enough to produce interest, leads and sales!

A Four Step Approach to Success

If you want to generate an ROI from marketing, you need to take the right steps and plan for it. We can look at what steps you have already taken and recommend improvements or start from scratch! We recommend booking a COMPLIMENTARY PHONE CONSULT for a quick assessment on how and where we can step in.

  • Research your industry, target markets and competition
  • Identify positioning messages
  • Determine a creative strategy to brand your marketing collateral
  • Produce graphic designs for print and digital marketing pieces
  • Strategic writing services to position and sell
  • Video production for websites and social media
  • Increase online Google Ranking and traffic to website
  • Customize strategies to reach your target market
  • Polish your pitch for networking and presentations
  • Set up Google Analytics
  • Website tracking
  • Track phone calls
  • Track email inquiries
  • Track referrals
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Set Me in the Right Direction
Small Business Consult – $399

We know that start up entrepreneurs and small business owners have small marketing budgets. That should not stop you from getting the right advice on how to market your business. The Marketing Edge is a Calgary marketing company that offers an affordable small business consulting package. Karen Hope, Marketing Consultant will study your business idea and/or operation and propose ideas that will help you make critical marketing decisions.


Believe or Not, We Can Save you Money!

Upfront a Marketing Consultant does cost money. Any Marketing Consultant worth their salt will be able to save you money in these ways:

  • Steer you away from strategies that will EAT UP YOUR BUDGET and not produce results.

  • Develop branding and creative that will RESONATE WITH YOUR TARGET MARKET attracting more leads.

  • Ensure you work with suppliers that will NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY or produce negative results.

  • Be aware of your operation and ACT KNOWLEDGEABLY and professionally on your behalf.

What Customers Are Saying…

“Having worked with Karen on our marketing plan and materials, I have found her highly creative when developing marketing concepts. She developed a powerful website and marketing materials that visually and textually supports our corporate message. She took the time to understand our business so that she could customize the design and text to communicate our true feelings as a HVAC service provider.”

Advanced Refrigeration HVAC, Calgary

“Karen was to assist us with the launch of our Vitaly Teas teabag line. She was responsible for developing our launch marketing plan and played an advisory role for two years. We found Karen Hope very committed and was never short of ideas on how to market our products. She was able to help us with sales, landing some first-time accounts like Save-On-Foods.

Vitaly Teas, Edmonton

“Working with Karen to develop my website, brochure and diversified services was a professional and collaborative experience from start to finish. Not only did Karen know how to distill the essence of the business concept that was bubbling in my head, but she is a wizard at bringing all the pieces together using business strategy, logo development, key phrases and coaching support, to propel me to where I had only previous dreamed I could be in my career. I will be forever grateful to Karen, for her support in creating the business I am now successfully growing and building girls potential along the way. “

Tasha Belix Youth and Family Counselling, Calgary

“As the President of Concord National, I worked closely with Karen for 8 years while she was the Managing Partner for Cattle Boyz Foods Ltd. Karen had an innate ability to apply her marketing skills towards finding a place for Cattle Boyz in such a competitive category like barbecue sauces dominated by national brands. She was the driver of the business, keeping on top of producing and delivering the inventory while also managing the broker activities for grocery accounts. We found that she was very creative when coming up promotional ideas and ways to position the brand with Category Managers and Buyers. Grocery is not an easy industry to break into and I give Karen full marks for her success in taking an unknown product to market and turning it into a nationally distributed brand.”

Concord National, Calgary

“The Marketing Edge provided Johnston Canyon Resort with some innovative marketing ideas that sparked an increase in room rentals. Her company also put together a nicely designed website that professionally communicates our benefits and features. After working personal with Karen, I can say she is very proficient at marketing and dedicated to her client’s interests.”

Johnstone Canyon Resort, Banff

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Here at The Marketing Edge we honestly look at becoming a marketing company quite sincerely. We all fully grasp that unquestionably any time clients are hunting to obtain a superior Calgary based marketing company they need the best. Continuously we all endeavour to really be the smartest marketing company we possibly can be inside Alberta. It is our devotion to becoming the greatest that has gained us extremely great esteem with our consumers.

Being a superior Calgary based marketing company all of us likewise definitely attempt to remember to understand each of our buyers inquiries with patience and devoid of impatience. We all always take time. We feel that it's extremely vital to ensure that buyers feel recognized and of course looked after.

There are truly not very many marketing company which maintain the specific expertise together with track record to identify their service as a front runner within their market. Mix that together with our superior degree of client support and certainly we feel we're absolutely the perfect superior Calgary based marketing company in Alberta.

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We will be thrilled to explore all your marketing company questions at length over the telephone or maybe via e mail if that works more effectively for you. Following that we'll recommend the solution that most effective fulfils your needs. Learn exactly why people describe us as the perfect superior Calgary based marketing company!

Still Need Convincing? Additional Reasons The Marketing Edge is Marketing Firm Calgary

Devotion to Top Quality - marketing Experts Calgary and airdrie Marketing

Our devotion to high quality is extraordinarily high. In case you are endeavoring to become a superior Calgary based marketing company or a superior Calgary based marketing company, there's really no other path but to really give it your very best to excel. Whenever any given customer calls for extra time, we all offer that valued buyer more attention. Nearly anything for us to make certain they will be happy with us all as a marketing company. Keep in mind, we assistance almost all of Alberta, therefore feel free to email us.

Devotion - marketing Firms Calgary and A Superior Calgary Based Marketing Company

Our cherished customers have sometimes referred to us all as a superior Calgary based marketing company, a superior Calgary based marketing company, a superior Calgary based marketing company and even the greatest Alberta headquartered marketing company there is! That doesn't transpire if you're lacking incredibly diligent work along with resolve for ones consumers together with the high quality within your finished work. In case you are shopping around to find a superior Calgary based marketing company, all of us really believe we're really the optimal solution. Simply phone The Marketing Edge to discuss your situation now! 1234567890.

Understanding - A Superior Calgary Based Marketing Company and A Superior Calgary Based Marketing Company

Within any specific business, experience often is a key ingredient in regards to end results. If you might be searching for a superior Calgary based marketing company, that is usually much more legitimate. Being a marketing company, all of us will certainly explain to anyone decisively that the actual end result is influenced simply by the experience of the provider you're contracting. The massive level of past experience that The Marketing Edge has being a superior Calgary based marketing company, is certainly why anyone have to invest in all of us with your invaluable requirements. If perhaps you will be browsing for a superior Calgary based marketing company, check out The Marketing Edge. Remember to talk to us all ASAP.

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