5 Tips to Get More Retweets

You could argue that Twitter's entire existence is thanks to the ability to Retweet another persons tweet. However, as the social network has grown tweets fly past so fast that often your tweets do not grab the attention of other Twitter users to gain a retweet or even a favourite.

So, just how can you gain more retweets on Twitter? Within this article I will share my top 5 tips for gaining further exposure on Twitter by getting more people to re-share your tweet.

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#1: Never make the tweet about you!

Making a tweet about you is certain to spoke people. The reason? People do not want to share the thoughts of a stranger with their own community of followers. So, try and keep the tweet non personal.

#2: Don't Be Scared to Ask for a RT

Many people consider asking for a retweet to be the biggest sin in Twitter marketing. And I use to think the same. However, I'm continuously seeing tweets which ask for a retweet gaining more exposure than them who don't. Asking for a RT works especially well if your tweet is for a cause such as a charity or individual fundraising. Simply add, "RT Please:" to your tweet.

#3: Tweet Links (News especially)

I for one love sharing links and especially news. Evidence shows that links are more likely to gain retweets than a tweet without any link and evidence also shows that tweets are likely to gain more exposure if it relates to news (especially breaking or controversial news).

#4: Be Tempting

Never matter what the tweet is about try to make it tempting. This is especially important for tweets relating to news. Rather than simply sharing a news article like this, "Lindsey Lohan gets Arrested", tweet it like this, "Lindsey Lohan Clashes with Police". Using tempting headlines is a technique news broadcasters have been using for years and it works just as well within your own tweets.

#5: Use 71 - 100 Characters

Data shows that a tweet with between 71 and 100 characters is almost 25% more likely to be retweeted than a tweet with over 100 characters. Keeping a tweet short, simple but also tempting is certain to gain attraction. It's also easier to add the commonly used "RT @AshtonLeeHudson:" with a tweet with less than 100 characters.

These five tips should help you towards gaining further exposure on Twitter. Other suggestions include the addition of video and pictures as well as using popular hashtags within the tweet. If you have tips of your own, share them in the comment section below.

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