Advertising Strategies: Defining Corporate Versus Commercial Advertising

Structure is necessary, a good understanding is useful, and a solid direction is beyond crucial; therefore, the first step is defining a purpose. Then, experimentation can begin!

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Commercial Advertising

The class of advertising I refer to as commercial advertising probably encompasses the conventional, typical strategies of which you are familiar television commercials, newspaper ads, online advertising, and the like. The primary goal of commercial advertising is, to put it quite frankly, make more money.

Marketers who employ effective commercial ad techniques are out to generate increased consumption of their product or service, and aim to influence new clients, users, buyers, and customers. And, in a world constantly smiling at the golden arches, commercial ad strategist must be above-savvy to persuade the overtly aware public.

While there is definitely room for unconventional approaches when it comes to advertising, there are a number of things that seem to be across-the-board effective:

Does your advertisement target your audience?

Most marketers feel uneasy limiting the scope of their ad: Why would I specify a single product when I could advertise the entire line? Its true. Its difficult to drop thousands of dollars on a 46860 pixel hot box ad that is seemingly only applicable to a small few. However, resist the urge to generalize! The more specific your ad is, the better you accommodate potential customers.

Trust me, you can't persuade them all. Take what you can get!

Is your advertisement direct and specific?

Advertisements no longer have the capacity to bamboozle customers into making a purchase. Dont even try. Directly tell your audience what you want them to do and be specific about the reasons why: Try Evans Disinfecting Wipeswipes that are proven to kill even that pesky extra %1 of germs! (No, I don't have a cleaning company on the side!)

Is your advertisement informative?

If you want to persuade us, the increasingly intelligent consumer-base, you have to shower us with information. We can never have enough easily-read facts or figures. If you feel as if you are bogging your audience down with dry, tired information, try the laundry detergent strategy namely, show-dont-tell.

Corporate Advertising

The flip side is corporate advertising, also known as institutional advertising. Corporate advertising is all about the promotional message; enhancing a companys brand, image, and reputation; and perpetuating a positive identity.

Does your advertisement grab attention?

Corporate advertisements rely more on a generalist approach than that of commercial advertising. A primary goal of corporate ads is gaining as much exposure as possible; therefore, your ad must be eye-catching.

Is your advertisement identifiable and memorable?

Most companies that employ corporate advertisements have already reached a significant level of brand exposure Apple, Microsoft, McDonalds, Burger King, and the like. And, there is a reason for this: Corporate brands use more creativity.

The Isaiah Mustafa Old Spice campaign (a frequent topic of this blog) is a great example of corporate advertising. But, note that Old Spice was popular enough pre-Isaiah to not become that deodorant with the muscular guy. Corporate branding must aim to create buzz about the brand, not buzz about the ad.

The audience must see the ad, identify the brand, and remember the brand.

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