Lead Generation: 4 Top Lead Generation Ideas

You have done this exercise, partially with success in that you managed to get one or two valuable leads which you can be assured with be your loyal customers offering referrals and also purchasing your product.

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In order to be successful in your business you will definitely need to generate at least 15% new leads daily.

This requires that you have a daily strategic plan in place which will guarantee to generate for you quality leads. Here are top 4 Lead generation ideas which are all free of charge:

1. Facebook

You need to create a Facebook profile and a Fan page. Take it a step further by creating a group as here you will have a chance of networking and building relationships which is of great value.

It is said that you need to join an average of 10 20 groups in your niche, where you can inter-act with group members, post your blog and video updates and this way you will be generating leads as well.

2. Twitter

Yet another free of charge service which you can use to promote yourself and your business. Once you have done a new blog post or video you can tweet this on tweeter and have people read or listen and if they like it, they will in turn retweet it, hence increasing the number of people you will be reaching.

Make sure that you have updated your profile, given a brief and catchy information about yourself, what unique service or product you are offering. Include the Url to your blog and also to your Facebook fan page.

In Twitter you can also use the filter search to look specifically for people looking for solutions to their problems. For example if you are selling apps for iPhone , once you filter you can send message targeting people who are looking for apps or have problems with their iPhones .

3. Article Marketing

Article Marketing is network marketing as far as I am concerned. You are offering value content to your readers who will be developing a relationship with you. This is the perfect way to get your readers to develop trust, to and value your opinion as far as product or service which you will eventually be offering. Article Marketing is also a very good way of generating leads, particularly if you are posting regularly on Twitter and Facebook, in addition to other article directors like EzineArticles, GoArticles, Squidoo, Article Directory and Blogger just to mention a few. Syndicate all your articles as all these platforms again will be generating leads from their various readers who will with time bookmark your blog for update materials.

4. Video Marketing

Video Marketing for generating leads is one of my best methods which I just love to use. Producing video content for example tutorials offering value content

You will need capturing software, some of which are available for free. You only need to make sure that you are able to convert and upload on YouTube.

Video Marketing is just fantastic way of reaching other type readers that prefer to listen as to reading particularly if you are offering solutions on how to solve their problems, for example installing a particular WordPress plugin which will improve their blogs.

Remember that when putting to place the above strategies, you need to have your call to action so that your readers are offering to take advantage of your product or service, a free gift or video training, all depending on what you want to offer them.

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