Online Marketing Trends 2011

If you want to learn something new in a particular niche, study it until you have become the expert. Even if the material was written 100 years ago or longer. Many key principles that actually work are time tested. Don't give up on learning from the great teachers of the past. The popular movie and book "The Secret" as a concept, has been around for a long time. It is still a secret to many of my friends and family.

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Baby boomers are going to be looking online as a new way to reach friends, their children, and grandchildren. They may even try to make a few bucks on the Internet. People will be reading books on their new iPads. (I still prefer a hard cover book in front of an old fashioned fireplace.) Bookstores are still one of my favorite places to hang out. Where is this technology taking us?

Here are some quick ideas to market with success in 2011:

    1. Learn the power of Social Media. Follow similar-minded people that would be interested in your niche. There are some great new sites to build your list. Provide your readers with solid, interesting content. Be fun, educational, and provide unique points to ponder.
    1. Make sure your followers have a marketing system that has all of the tools and is affordable. I have moved my team over to NPN with Geoff Stephen. Great for beginning marketers and baby boomers like myself.
    1. Find yourself a marketing coach/mentor. You can try to do this on your own but will find the learning curve insurmountable. Leaders need followers initially. This will give you time to master online skills and build your team.

Most trends come and go. E marketing trends will change in a heart beat. Some things don't change. Having the right mind-set is 90% of the game. Making money now online will require hard work, good old fashioned people skills, and consistency. Internet marketing will have amazing rewards for those willing to pay the price.

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