Business in a Box

You are thinking of joining Carbon Copy PRO and are wondering, what exactly is the product line and what does Carbon Copy PRO offer? Carbon Copy PRO is basically set up to help people market on the internet. There base product is called the Black Box or the Business in a Box (BIB) and contains everything you need to start your own home based business. Let me tell you a little about it.

The Black Box is commonly referred to as a "Business In a Box," or the "BIB." The Black Box is a product that gets shipped to your house and includes two manuals and three DVDs. The Black Box includes, a marketing manual, a mindset manual, DVD's and a free trial for the Pro membership. The marketing manual is a step by step guide for online marketing. The Carbon Copy PRO Black Box marketing manual takes you from the beginning, you setting your own goals in your own time frame, all the way to maximizing your income online. The Carbon Copy PRO Black Box also includes a mindset manual to help you have a "millionaire" mindset. The goal of Carbon Copy PRO is to give you the tools and the mindset you need to setup and successfully run your own virtual home based business. Both of these manuals have been vital to my home business success.

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The monthly membership is also part of the Carbon Copy PRO system. This is, in my opinion the most important part of the PRO system. Your membership includes further training, support and online tools to help you to be a successful home based business owner. The continuous training includes a daily wake-up training call, a Master Marketing Monday webinar and more. If you would like to be included on one of these calls you can register for free and check it out. Carbon Copy PRO includes some really cool stuff on these calls. The online training included in the Carbon Copy Pro system is extensive, with a large online resource center that contains a large volume of recorded training and marketing material that the PRO member can access anytime from home. Your membership also includes ads, banners, sales pages, autoresponder follow-up messages and much more. Everything you need to be successful online business owner is included.

Carbon Copy PRO also has live marketing events. The Master Marketing Event happens twice a year. The Master Marketing event is open to anyone and you are more than welcome. The CarbonCopyPRO events are exciting events that include marketing and mindset to help you achieve success. Some recent event speakers included David Bach a 9-times New York Times best selleing author, and Simon Sineck author of "Start With Why."

This gives you some information about Carbon Copy PRO products, the Black Box or BIB. It is an online educational system to help anyone become a successful online entrepreneur. The education is ongoing and includes a huge back office of support people. If you would like to listen in on a free educational call you can register here.

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