The Benefits Of Twitter Marketing For Your Business

The world of social media marketing has exploded over the last few years. If you have your own business, you should be using this trend to help grow your customer base. Twitter is a great way to do that.

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What Is Twitter?

Twitter was originally designed as a way for friends and family to share information with a larger group of people in a quick and easy manner. When someone "follows" you on Twitter, every time you send out a message, it will show up for all of your followers to read. It's much easier than email and since the messages have to be short, it's easy to send out quick updates.

The number of people who use the system resulted in people in the business world figuring out how to market their business on Twitter. When done the right way, Twitter Marketing can be a very effective tool to market your business.

How to Fail With Twitter Marketing

The problem with Twitter is that most people use it the wrong way. If your focus is to find followers and "sell" to them, you will fail. Twitter isn't for selling, it's for providing value to your potential customers.

How to Succeed With Twitter

If you want your Twitter marketing campaign to provide the biggest benefit to your business, your focus should be on providing value to the people who follow you, building credibility and interacting with them.

Provide Value

Your number one goal with your Twitter marketing campaign should be to provide value. If all you do is send out Tweets about how great your business is, nobody is going to read your posts. In fact, they will probably stop following you.

You need to send out links to website, articles and current events in your industry that they will find helpful. That way, they will continue to read everything you send out because it might help them.

Build Credibility

Sending out Tweets also help to build credibility with your followers. Every time you provide information that your followers find helpful or interesting, they trust you a little bit more. If you do this often enough, they are going to think about your business first when they decide to buy something that your business can provide. They may even check out your Twitter profile and visit your website to see what other valuable information you might have for them.


Twitter is also a great way to interact with your current and potential customers. It is a way for them to contact you directly and it also makes you more "real".

An easy way to interact with your followers is to ask or answer questions. These can be answers to some of the more common questions you get about your industry or you might ask them what they think about related current events. You can even let them ask random questions about your business or industry.

In addition to interacting with the people who are asking you questions, everyone else who is following you gets to see your answers. You are providing value, building credibility and interacting with your potential customers all at the same time.

Twitter marketing can be a very effective marketing tool for your business, if you use it correctly.

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